I am a senior undergraduate student in Computer Science and Applied Math at USC. I work in the Intelligent Decision Making Lab (IDM-Lab), advised by Professor Sven Koenig.



In my free time, I enjoy running and hiking. I took both as opportunities to relax my mind and improve my cardiorespiratory fitness.I also like exploring new places through google Maps, driving, and picking sideways while hiking. I love talking to people doing other research, and working with people from different backgrounds. I often find my thoughts sharper while walking, running, and taking showers. (I also recognize the importance of saving water, particularly in California)

I am First Aid/CPR/AED certified. I am a certified coffee brewer by the Special Coffee Association.



Interactive Animation: Cogida and Death

  • Sync scrolling with Animation Playback
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Game AI: Connected four

  • Decision Tree with simple state evaluation heuristics
  • Player in red is our AI
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Client-server network, Peer-to-peer network

  • Implemented client-server network with HTTP protocol with socket programming in C++. Supports persistent connection, multithreading, and custom download speed at connection level
  • Implemented peer to peer network as over-lay network. Implement network layer and link layer functionalities like routing, forwarding, flooding with hard state link states algorithms in duplex multithread connections. Implement RDT application and traceroute UDT application on top of the layers
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Working Paper

  • Algorithm Selection for Suboptimal Multi-Agent Path Finding (Link will be availabe soon) Weizhe Chen*, Zhihan Wang*, Jiaoyang Li, Sven Koenig and Bistra Dilkina
    - Accepted by the 5th International Workshop on Multi-Agent Path Finding, part of AAAI-23
    - In review at 2023 International Conference on Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems (AAMAS-23)


Cinque Terre

Zhihan Wang


B.S. in Computer Science
+ B.S. in Applied Math
University of Southern California
Los Angeles

Plain Academic